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Tire Retreading

Retread Tires in Virginia, MN

Sending commercial vehicles on the road with low tread tires is dangerous and can lead to a blowout or accident. Tires may be one of your highest costs, but you don't always have to buy new or used. Businesses across the area are saving money with retread tires from Taconite Tire.

We provide tire retreading services for customers in the quad cities area of Virginia, Eveleth, Gilbert, and Mountain Iron.

Recapping vs. Regrooving vs. Retreading

  • Recapping is an old industry term for what is now more commonly called tire retreading.
  • Regrooving is a process that makes use of existing tread depth by adding new grooves to the original rubber. Besides some safety concerns, the regrooving process greatly reduces the likelihood of that tire being eligible for retread in the future.
  • Retreading, also known as recapping, involves buffing away the original tire tread, and applying a new layer of tread.

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How To Tell If It’s Time to Retread Your Tires

Have your drivers noticed tires spinning when pulling out from a stop or mentioned a loss of traction while driving? These problems are likely due to poor treading. This is an easy fix when you call Taconite Tire. Our retreading service is an affordable alternative to purchasing a new set of commercial tires.

Retread tires are used on local and national fleets across the country. Businesses can generally save 30 to 50 percent off the cost of new commercial tires. Retreading is also environmentally friendly. When you get new tires, the old ones tend to wind up in a landfill, but retreading allows you to get thousands of additional miles on your current set of tires.

Our Tire Retread Process

Our experienced technicians will do the following:

  • Inspect the condition of your tires and ensure that your current tires are still usable.
  • Buff away the remainder of your old tread.
  • Apply an entirely new rubber tread using specialized machinery.

The result is a tire every bit as effective as a brand new tire.

At Taconite Tire, we have developed a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work at an honest price. Our staff of personable, experienced technicians will have your tires performing again in no time.

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